Audio Smartblade powered by THX

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that’s curious…but the 16GB and 32GB storage options are literally useless and a slap to your face. I’m also disappointed that it doesn’t mention phones it’s compatible with.

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Well it’s more made for the dac and amp portion I would assume, but yeah it makes no sense to go with anything else then 128

128 is really the lowest entry for a few lossless files

if you have a hand full of DSDs, WAVs and Flacs the 32GB is a joke

Especially dsd and wave for sure

The 16GB storage is probably just a bonus – or a way for them to use the exact same enclosure anyway because apparently they also make a similar (battery) case with integrated storage (I mean, it would be weird not to be able to use your integrated storage, and/or not being able to play youtube/game audio even).

There’s a 128GB version now.

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Good point - thank you

Still, a smartphone + THX case, versus the LGs with dual/quad ESS DACs? :thinking:

Hmmm. I personally think the thx might have the better sound because of the thx amp

Just saying this because I remember Zeos recently saying the Fiio Q5S with or without the AAA add-on thingy probably “wouldn’t make much of a difference”. And it’s using AK chipset(s). And the LG is using ESS chipsets (apparently really clinical/analytic/neutral/transparent or one of those audiophile words. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

And yeah, it’s not about the chipset, it’s about how it’s done. Still would be an interesting comparison.

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The dac is very good on the LG phones, but the amp can be kinda iffy sometimes

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