Audio Streamers

Looking to get a new audio streamer in the sub-$600 range.
Any recommendations besides the Bluesound NODE 2i and Raspberry Pi?

I think Google alexa devices can work as network streamers in a pinch

@PABastien Thank you.

Yes, I already have a couple Google Chromecast Audio pucks that can be connected via an optical cable to my setup. I like them but they are no longer supported by Google, so they will eventually become useless.

I’m really looking for something that is dedicated to audio streaming (i.e. Node 2i), not an assistant.

Thanks again.

If that’s the case Bose sells a few streamers in that price range. I’m trying to avoid sonos because of their issues

This is your best option. They work well and the DAC is good too.

You could get an extra 15% off with coupon code: prlsl15prcnt

Orchard PecanPi streamer

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