Audio streaming help needed

So im a little unfamiliar with the whole idea of streamers, so i’d love any help/advice in the matter.
I made myself a little “chill spot” in my house, a comfy chair with my audio setup next to it (which is connected to my PC Via USB).

Now i can remote control my PC in terms of Next/Last track and which source im using (i have 3 separate audio stacks for different moods), with a wireless macropad that i have set up, but i cant look for a song or change playlists because Tidal doesnt allow remote control unlike spotify and such.

My current idea is to get something like an IFI streamer, Feed all 3 of my Dac (1 via USB, 2 via coax with a splitter), and then using Tidal off my phone.

Am i wrong? is there something easier?