🔶 Audio-Technica AD1000X

This is the official thread for the Audio-Technica AD1000X. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • No Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Ah yes, the best AT tuning I’ve ever had, owned, and plan to keep for long years to come, review, I’d probably try my hand on one when I had the time.
For now, tho, AD700/900 Owner? 1000x is well worth every penny premium over yours!

Lachlan’s review, ol, but converted tons of people to AT lover!

This is really the only AT headphone I like because of how interesting and enjoyable it presents music, really not much on the market that can replicate the special way it delivers. I just wish it was more detailed.

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Received my set last night and they are perfect for me!


Been with mine for months now, still love to oick it up every now and and then whenever i feel like missing the AT house sound… Even with MDR Z7 in the house, they sound so different each got their fair share of ear time.

Still keep mine around as well, even with the adx5000 and AWAS this thing is still special to me (although I wish the comfort was as good as the 5000 lol. Also the

That’s because the 5000’s are lighter than helium :+1:

It’s moreso that they actually fit my head properly lol, the ad1000x cups don’t swivel nor move vertically to match your head, so it almost sits like this on my ear \ :ear:. It works well for people with wider heads, but I guess mine isn’t that wide lol

I have a big problem with audio technica AD900 headphones. and its mainly to do with fit. Theres no tilt. none. theres a little bit of swivel. and ive learned TILT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SWIVEL. Theres also no clamp. zero. the headband has no strength and is very wobbly. So i had to bend the wire headband into a cone like shape. to get any amount of clamp, which was minimal. Even after that theres very little body. The package came with the word “Air” on it. and now i understand why.

And a lot of the Audio Technica’s in the high-fidelity line are like this. Worst headbands and fit of all the headphone companies out there. terrible. And most of their high fidelity headphones have this headband. Not sure if their all as bad as the AD900

Great highs though. Nice sound. but not my cup of tea. reminded me a little of the DT880

Yeah that’s main complaint people have with the older air designs, it works for some heads and not others

Going back a few years, Tyll Herstens of InnerFIdelity also criticized this design and said it was the reason he didn’t review any of those Audio-Technica headphones. So as M0N says, you’re not alone.

Can someone tell me what these should cost new? 300 at dell. 600 on amazon. Hard to find.

I got the AD900X for 150$

New a fair price would be 300 imo

Thank you. So the dell price is pretty good.

I actually pulled the trigger on some Sundaras and might wait to hear them. 660S is 399 at some places also but backordered.

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I just wanted to share my experience with the AD700X. I picked them up used on eBay and I’ve pretty happy with them.
At first, I thought them pretty lean in the bass department but was satisfied to listen to classical music.
Then, I started using the Wavelet EQ app on Android (because they are so easy to drive) and listened to them again using the preset EQ for my headphone.
It does sound great with every type of music to be honest with maybe the exception of rock which sounds to thin IMO. Even bassy techno sounds great.
Please note that I have the “ebay” pads as recommended by Zeos.
With EQ these headphones have a great sound and tight bass that’s not boomy or muddy.