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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Yes
  • Closed Back

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@MON, have you ever heard these? Are these something to keep an eye out for? $2K in Canada.

So it’s like in a weird middle ground of sound signatures and capabilities vs the older high end at closed and the newer at closed. It’s honestly like in-between the awas and awkt, or it’s more similar to the awas. It’s the brighter house sound with more crafted treble that at used to be known for, except toned down a bit, and also is a tad either u or v shaped, generally enjoyable can. It’s not as refined as the awas/awkt, but it does at least match the awas in terms of technicalities from memory, and is a different signature from both since at hadn’t fully finished shifting their house sound to what the awas/awkt has to offer, but it’s not as heavily colored as the older at closed


I was going to get these but said why not the top the Audio-Technica ATH-AWKT. They came today and BOOOOOM the sound…:slight_smile:


Audio Technica at it again with the proprietary connectors

O yes even on my new ATH-AWKT. I do not mind them. They snap right in. Now getting a diff hand made XLR cord for it may be another story. I have not even looked yet to see who makes a better cord for the headphones.

I’ve had mine now for almost a week and I love them. They are on the brighter side but I haven’t had any problems with them being sibilant except for once and I feel like that was the recording. They have very good detail retrievel and the bass is smooth and clean but when the track calls for it the can hit with some authority. Mids are a little behind the highs but they don’t sound to distant and vocals have a natural feel to them, really the signature is on the more natural side of things. The thing that surprised me the most was the soundstage which is larger than I would expect from a closed headphone and to me it’s closer to an open stage than a closed one. Imaging is also very good and they have a very nice 3D presentation.

Overall I’m quite impressed with these and they’re the best closed-back headphone I’ve had for sure and I’d put them on the same level SQ wise as my HP-3 and Ananda though with a different signature of course.


I’ve had this headphone for a solid week now and I’ve put about 30 hours on it already and I never listen that much in a week but I love this headphone. If it had just a little bit of a more meaty sound it would be my perfect hp but as is it’s 95% of the way there.

They sound so clean and detailed unlike any other headphone I have and I think I have some pretty good ones. They aren’t bass monsters but the bass can some authority and punch when need be and it’s a very detailed bass that can go quite deep. This being a somewhat V shaped headphone you might think the mids would get lost a bit behind the bass and treble but that is not the case. I really enjoy the mids of the AP2000ti with detailed (there’s that word again) instruments and clean vocals that don’t really sit back in the presentation as much as some other V shaped headphones. Lastly the treble is one of my favorite parts of the signature because while on the brighter side they never feel to harsh or over powering to the rest of the frequencies. Again they are very detailed and natural sounding so live recordings really pop with these and I also love how edm sounds on this headphone.

I could go on about more like the soundstage which is above average for a closed headphone but I’ll leave that for another time. You can tell I quite impressed with this headphone, I had never heard of it before and I just happened to come across it while looking for other ones I was wanting to buy. Every now and then when you take a chance on something it pays off and this one payed off big-time for me.

Got my new Zynsonix cable for the AP2000ti and I love it. Bryan does a great job making these cables and this one I can really hear an improvement in the SQ which I normally don’t hear that easily. I think it might have more to do with the stock cable not being very good as it is very thin and doesn’t seem to have much to it after the Y split. I don’t really get upgraded cables for SQ reason but more for just the better quality cable that will last longer and if it happens to improve SQ that’s a plus.


I’ve had these for almost a year now and they have never sounded like “treble cannons” to me at all and I’m not one that likes really bright highs. The AP2000ti is on the bright side for sure but it’s not overly bright or harsh imo.

Compared to my other headphones like the Hedd, Arya, Z1R, among others these are right there with them in terms of SQ and are one of my favorite headphones. They’re a very balanced HP with good detail retrieval and some of the cleanest bass I’ve heard from a dynamic driver.

When you add in the build quality and comfort which is as good as any other headphone I have I feel like the AP2000ti is a quality set and more people should consider them when looking for a good closed-back dynamic driver headphone.

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