Audio-Technica ATH-AWKT

Coming at ya Denon and Fostex…

I saw these, I would love to pick up a pair or at least try one, but they seem to be harder to get in the us from when I have looked (although that might not be the case now)

That wood looks lush in the pic’s I bet it’s even better looking in real life?

I had a w5000 that was pretty sweet and it looked pretty awesome

The high end wooden Audio Technica models have always had a certain style and desirability to them I think. Great to see them refreshing them, I never understood why they never did a refresh to add removable cable to models like the W5000.

I really enjoy my adx5000 a ton, great stuff coming out of higher end audio technica


I am thinking of getting the Audio Technica ATH-AWKT. :slight_smile:

When I tried them at canjam they were pretty impressive, can recommend for sure if it’s the sound you are after

How they sound and feel?

Feel wise they are pretty solid overall, lighter with great build, and very comfy, although mmcx if that bothers you lol. Regarding sound, it’s very neutral and very revealing. The stage is average width but lots of depth and layering, very extending as well. Great extension in the treble with lots of sweetness along with resolution. A bit more lighter on the impact but not in a bad way. Very impressive for a closed for naturalness, also really solid timbre. Generally just impressive overall for something neutral and revealing while being enjoyable imo

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How would you say the Audio Technica ATH-AWKT stacks up to my Eather CX I have?

I think the awkt is the higher tier headphone over all, although different sound signatures. The ether cx feels more linear and flat where the awkt feels more neutral/natural, the awkt is more revealing and refined, with better dynamics, more precise spatial recreation, superior timbre, and might also be faster, but not as good slam or impact imo. The awkt is also more demanding on good quality source gear where the cx isn’t as much

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I dont have the ether CX but I do have the AWKT.
Its a very chill headphone that doesnt hype anything up noticeably besides the usual AT upper mids bump. That being said the bass goes very deep and nice extention into the subbass and has amazing bass texture.

Also the AWKT has good impact, its just that its the dynamic type of impact and isnt the faceslap that planars do.

As long as you arent a basshead that demands BASS the AWKT is amazing for edm.

Oh yeah on how they feel, Its a tad heavy at 400g but I got used to it fast enough.


It had better bass extension and a bit of a bump than the adx5k which was pretty nice and a common weak point of the 5k

Pretty much, it’s very organic sounding impact

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Wonder how they will be with the THX AAA 789 and the Airist R-2R DAC…

I just ordered the headphones along with a stand for them. Can’t wait to get them. I plan on down the road upgrading my amp and dac. Any recommendations?

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Based off on how the awas reacted in my setup, I liked them on a bifrost 2 + rnhp for something neutral slightly warmer, pretty great for refinement. For something more studio neutral and clean, I did like them on a violectric or lake people (specifically the vio v200 and up (for some slight added width and smoothness) and the lake people g111 for a bit more raw and accurate) with a soekris dac1421 or up. For something that would give a brighter and very resolution forward sound without being fatiguing a headamp gsx mini with a holo cyan is pretty sweet imo


My last Audio-Technica headphones I had was the Audio-Technica ATHW5000. I liked them at the time. Wonder how this new one will stick up to that?

AT has kinda shifted their signature a bit (it’s not as colored and crafted as the w5000), but it should carry though some of the things that made the w5000 special, also imo improved comfort/build for me as well which is nice

Ya I was not a fan of the head wing pads.