Audio-technica ATH E70 what do you thing?

Quick Info

  • External noise attenuation approx. 26 dB
  • 3 Way system: 1x Bass, 1x Mid, 1x High
  • Frequency range: 20 - 19,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 109 dB / mW
  • Impedance: 39 Ohm
  • Detachable cable
  • Cable length 160 cm
  • Angled 3.5 mm stereo jack plug
  • Colour headphones: Black/transparent
  • Cable colour: Transparent
  • Incl. Transport bag, 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm jack adapter, silicone and foam padding

What do you think about this IEMs?
I’ve been using these for about 1.5 years and I am happy. These are meant to be used for live performances. I would rather say it is meant for just listening to the track while playing instruments (don’ play any instruments). The E70 are not good enough to EQ the stage sound I guess. It has nice mids, great bass if the Comply foam is not to old and nice highs.

I own Beyerdynamic Custom Studio, E70 and Jubilee. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will get the Neumann NDH 20.
I listen to metal, rock, 30s-60s rock and roll / jazz music (Fallout games), Hardbass, Jrock, Jmetal and Jpop (Japanese music which is more mainstream, no ay ay ay / akward japanese music.
The only thing I found out is that mainly female voices tend to sound more manly because the bass can be much. In games like Hell Let Loose if I don’t confuse the ww2 game the placeholder sounds are too bassy. On the other hand when playing games with better sounds I do not notice the bass which is still less than let us say bose headphones.

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Since I have my MDH20 for 2 weeks or more - I lost the sense of time, I can savely say that the E70 has good bass but more like M50x where the bass at least with the E70 can produce different tones of bass but lacks the big differences like the MDH20 or even the Sennheiser Jubilee have. Everything is boomy but narrow like the M50x (I dont own the m50x anymore so it is my memory). As I said in the first post tthe E70 only sounds good with new comply. I even get heart beats because of my shape of my ear canals. The tips coming with the e70 are bad and directly loose bass & treble gets boosted ? It is the typical “bad silicone ear tips”.

All in all these IEM are fun. Good to hear your life music but the bass is also the worst part because "dont quote me on the following! " it is a 3 way BA system so that the bass is different to dynamic drivers and can be precise with the right ear tip but often is just overlapping with new bass notes.

SINCE Z talked about the planar MassDrop / Drop IEM and other ones I dont recommend these for quacking 300€ in Germany. Even 2 years ago the market was not that big for IEM from China and USA from smaler companies.

Just curous do you still have the e70? To my ears the e70 has 0 bass bloom or bleed and in general is very clean with actual subbass.

If you were refering to the soundstage and how the e70 doesnt have as much room for the bass to expend as compared to full sized headphones thats a massive compliment as most iems dont come anywhere close to being comparable to full size headphones.

Now after a few years of Audiophile things or at least enjoying high end I can tell that most is still true I think.

The E70 is a iem with small soundstage, for me even bad seperation, bass that apears out of NOWHERE! and highs are bad. Moondrop Starfield has great timbre compared to these. If timbre sumarizes the sound of a headphone to the real live - how far off the real instruments is… I can only say guitars seem completely off. Bass in every game gets makes no sense. Vocals sound different.

I can not even use E70 without vomitting everywhere and I used it for 1 1/2 years I think and then bought 58x, tested other… and then ended with NDH20.

BUT over time the crossover might have gone bad. It sounds worse than I remember back when I used it but also had 59x.

I rather would waste money on Shure IEM or something like Utlimate Ears than this.
Of course I am no expert. I get headache from the bass with og tips and comply.

EDIT: BA bass is something I dislike.

I think these are pretty good. Whether they are worth the price in a very competitive market is debatable, but they offer good bass and mid range with treble which is rolled off but not excessively so. Despite the good bass and rolled off treble they are quite balanced. And although they’ve been around a few years they still hold up well, headphones/IEMs don’t stop being good just because newer models appear, both are very mature technologies.

It took me too long to notice how good or bad the E70 are. For just live work like on a stage duh, these are great. Is it still good in 2021 no and back then I did not know which type of listener I am. 58x Jubilee are a good starting point. IEM wise I stopped completely due to quickly swollen ears and the fact I do not want to have a IEM modified to be custom because of the prices and my ears… I consider myself a neutral listener. DAC and Headphones should be more neutral. Amp maybe not. The FiiO Q5S still serves me well and a Rebel Amp will come. If I dislike it Ill just sell it.

Sound wise the E70 are fine and wider than some. Bass is not my fav. Mids still work. If I want warmth then the Starfields for IEM are good, NDH20 are relaxing enough but lack the knowledge to judge. Sony MDR M1ST paired with AAC and Q5S for bluetooth and ASUS 570 E mainboard toslink is godlike same as PS1 RCA and PS2 (ps2’s have a worse dac I think).

TLDR after multiple short (reminding-) listening sessions I find the E70 just work well but are too far of from neutral-fun combo and ChiFi and apparently even Sennheiser IE series are better suited for critical performances (I do not play instruments- I assume I could not play blindly without hearing the sound uncoloured ?)

For neutrality and accuracy I still think the Etymotic ER4SR is the IEM to get, provided the deep insertion design is something people don’t mind. They also offer outstanding sound isolation, better than ANC headphones in my experience. They’re not cheap, but in today’s market neither are they especially expensive and they’re a high quality product. However they are very balanced and neutral to the point some find sterile and boring. They’re still the IEMs I use most, once I got used to them (particularly the fit) they made other IEMs sound very coloured and lacking in resolution.