Audio Technica ATH M70x

the Closed Flagship of the M professional models from audio Technica, bigger brother of the (in)Famous M50x, community loved M40x and the new boy M60x, its smaller than the former but still bigger than the portable on ear M60x.

the M70x has polarizing opinion on a lot of people, it’s hated by some, loved by others, Zeos on one hates them, while others like them and used them well years for their main mixing gear.

in my opinion, it’s still one of the most unique headphone you can get under $250 IMO, not a recommended daily beater, but it sounds different enough to have a pal e in any collector’s stable

My impression is very similar to lachlan, it’s very, flat in measurement, in practice it sound a tad brighter than neutral for me, one myth people have on the M70x is that it doesn’t have bass, but no, man, it has a lot less mid bass, but the sub bass man, it is prominent, mids are less forward than the M50x and MSR 7, and treble, is man oh man, where it shine, the detail retrieval of this is way better than any of the M model and the MSR, it can be bordering to over the limit for some, but for me, its just the perfect amount.
Overall its a unique tuning I only ever hear matched by a Final Pandora Hope IV, even then on some aspect I still like my M70x better than it.

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Ah the m70x. Personally i like it. Its one of bright cans done well with plenty of detail. So good.

Well imaging on the m70x is nonexistant but who cares about imaging when you can rip though the mix the way the artise did not intend™

That being said for daily use i still find the msr7 with its bass boost more enjoyable but i do enjoy a flat sounding headphone done well from time to time

do they? personally I think the M70x has proper imaging, it’s better than any of the M series and MSR 7 I think, after ivve owned the M70x and had a Final Pandora Hope IV on hand, the “hands over mouth” vocal sound of the MSR7 feel so pronounced. it kind of sound, less refined, dare I say, “cheaper”, than both the Pandora IV and M70x

Ah they do? Maybe I’m just used to the way the MSR7 places objects. At lest I dont think lack of significant amping affects(using XD-05) but iirc the M70X tends to layer objects on top of each other in the small spherical soundstage. Need to go listen to them again once the lockdown ends.

I would imagine since the M70X was purpose built bright flat it vocals would sound more correct. However being the consumer pleb I am I still prefer the MSR7 as its the closest to the R70X.