Audio Technica ATH-MSR7B

First post here. I recently purchased my first headphones, the MSR7B with HM5 pads. I am a total newbie to this hobby so please bear with me. Currenty, I’m only using the non balanced cable connected to my Samung Galaxy S10 phone ,using the the Poweramp App. I tried using the recommended Neutron App but the sound was horrible to me and the equalizer seems so limited as to not produce the sound I wanted. Poweramp, on the other hand, sounds amazing to me.

The music I listen too is loaded on my 128MB micro card inserted in my phone. The genre I mostly listen to is heavy metal / 80’s metal / rock / classic rock. Examples of bands loaded on my memory card are: Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Fleetwood Mac, Scorpions, Police, Rush, Van Halen, Heart, etc. Most of these old albums are remastered 44.1KHZ 320 KBPS MP3. In total, so far I have over 300 bands with over 1,000 albums.

I understand there are those that want to enjoy their music as it was recorded. I’m not certain that is what I’m looking for myself. What I do know, is that I enjoy the music as it sounded and felt when I was at concerts. That full sound stage, with separation, clear vocals, and quick heart thumping bass, is what I am now currently getting, with the current setup.

Now for the question. In my case, is there any improvement in sound if I invest in an iFi Hip-dac Portable DAC Headphone Amp in order to plug in and listen to my music using the balanced option?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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