Audio-Technica ATH R70X

Hello guys!

I am looking for some recommendations for R70X’s earpads replacement. The Stock are a bit too stiff for me and after a couple of ours i get earlobe pain.

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hey Mario…it’ll take a couple of weeks, but your ears will adapt. I had the same thing when I got my Senn HD4.40’s…after wearing them a short while, my ears were hurting and sensitive…but after a couple of weeks, I got used to wearing them and the pain went away. this is normal and not uncommon.


these are the one’s comparable to the hd650 correct? so what I gather is they’re more extended which is certainly a bonus… my question is how do they compare in terms of soundstage and imaging and are they also made to pair well with a tube amp? (I assume so given their impedance)

Yes, they are a bit more extended in both bass and treble, a bit more stage, a bit more neutral sound, imaging is close imo. They do work well with a tube amp, but I think for pure enjoyment the 600 is a bit better on a tube, but I would prefer the 70x on solid state


hmm alright… I was hoping to hear they had a much improved soundstage especially but that’d be to good to be true I guess… thanks m0n