Audio technica m40/50 removable cable

A year or so ago, I replaced the set cable in my ath m40 or m50. I honestly don’t remember which one and I’ve sold them since, but it’s really not hard to do.
There are videos specifically for the mod. I picked up the 3.5mm jack at frys electronics along with some solder. All you do is take off the pads, unscrew the screws in the ear, pop the driver out. Then you remove the wire guide, clip the wire to like an inch long, solder the wires to the jack and the jack actually slips right in that spot the guide was in. You put the jack in from inside and screw the lock onto it from the outside of the headphone. It ends up looking way more professional than you’d expect. I just used a dremel to grind away the plastic inside that was in the way.
Even doing some really bad soldering for my first time soldering, it still worked fairly easy. The only thing I would suggest is, in the videos on youtube showing the mod, pay extra attention to the wiring of the jack and make sure the solder joints only touch the wire to the specific spot. A glob of solder touching multiple spots will cause problems.


I’m totally gonna do this with my m50s, that’s gonna give them some new life for sure

any videos you specifically recommend for the process?

That’s one. I watched a couple and still had to kind of figure it out as i went, but it wasn’t very difficult.
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Awesome thanks!