Audio themed room decorating ideas and photos

Time for some fun! I bought some neon LED signs to get attention on my eBay listings and they’re so cool I decided to make a list of all the different ones for decorating with a musical, gaming or home theater theme.

I sectioned it into LED Neon signs, which are mostly powered by standard USB plugs and just used a powered USB hub for simplicity.
There’s also neon prints in a section for just framing and hanging anywhere.
Carpets for both the floor or hanging on a wall to absorb reflections.
Interior decorative items, shelves, hanging hooks.
Trophies and award replicas in small and actual size.

Check the related ones below each for a ton more suggestions similar to it in the boxes below it.

Custom neon signs using your artwork or message

Rock and music neon signs

“Live Music” neon and more suggestions like it

Music and headphone neon signs

Famous Las Vegas neon sign and other variants below it

If you have any audio gear made by Technics there’s several here

Beer neon signs

Ice cream neon lights

Bastketball neon lights

Also several other American football and basketball LED’s

Batman Logo neon

Several shark neon lights

If you’re into bike riding neon

Coffee related neon and more below it

Geometric LED neon

Planet with rings like Saturn

Light bulb neon and fun suggested ones below it

Rocket neon sign, and cool suggested ones below it

UFO neon light

Cool weather and fun neon

Hot dog and bar signs

Open signs, maybe neat if you have a bar for entertaining

Instrument and musical neon lights

Musical note signs and others below it

Game room signs and recording studio stuff

Audio & DJ neon

Large recording equipment rugs for floor or hanging

Fun various ones like a palm tree or neon fruit and VIP lounge

Signs and prints: These are signs that look like neon, but are just prints so you can hang them easily.

Minimalist black and white audio and music theme prints

“On Air” sign poster

Neon look canvas art in music themes

Pub and bar tin signs/plates

Same but posters

Beer/wine theme posters

Food theme neon look posters

Movie theater posters

Various celebrity neon look posters

Gamer themed posters

Bar/Pub posters

Black & White microphone closeup prints

Rugs and carpets for floor or wall hanging

Musical and keyboard themed rugs

Large selection of Fender and Gibson Guitar rugs

Audio and turntable printed pillows

It’s a cassette tape bathroom mat
More here also

Keyboard and music note welcome mats

Several DJ oriented theme carpets

Boom Box bathroom mats

Huge audio cassette area rugs

Round vinyl rugs
More here

Pac Man Screen large area rugs

Turntable large area rugs

Beatles themed rugs, so many I put them in a search link

Interior decorative items, shelves, hanging hooks

Black acrylic shelves for small speakers or other items

45 vinyl style coasters with a turntable holder

If you have a guitar amplifier, you need this key chain rack

Prop old style microphones

Simple music note standalone metal statues and suggested links to other varieties

Piano keyboard coat rack

Guitar head hanging hooks for coats/hats

Retro Gramophone and some retro replica microphones and a projector

Retro style microphones

Small speaker stands which are small enough to use on amplifiers and DACs
Different color styles also

Edison style LED light bulbs
Also more here
Here also

Also Technics miniature record players I guess are designed for doll houses or desks
Pioneer miniatures for a DJ also

Not music themed, I got the whole set of plush animals for my niece, and they’re adorable.

Replica award statues if you want a ridiculous shelf of them for a background for Zoom/Skype calls :slight_smile:


Tony Awards

Golden Globe

Grammy Award

Bafta Award

American Football Vince Lombardi Trophy replica

Stanley Cup award