Audio Valve - Luminare

Just picked up the Luminare today and putting it through its paces. I have been looking for a new amp that can drive my Stax and other headphones. So far I am really impressed with this unit. Any other owners here?


Wow thats such a nice amp. 3600$ too. but i love how it has the Stax port, unbalanced and 1/4 ports on it. Nice and compact to, the one zeos has is pretty huge. I would love to have one. Does Mon know how it compares to other amps? What do you think of it Mon?

It’s a pretty great amp, not my favorite for the price range, but for an all in one package it’s pretty nice. I would personally spit the budget and get a separate stax amp and separate headphone amp as I think you would end up with better sound for the price. But again for an all in one it’s a very complete package

Good news is I didn’t pay full price so it was hard to pass.

How much did you pay if you dont mind telling?

Out the door for $2500. Not sure how much better I could do for Stax and headphones for this price.

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That’s a pretty good price then :+1:

With the dac or without?

With the DAC!

Yeah that’s a very good deal then

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Yes I am very happy. Now I need to up my head phone game. Abyss

I really like my phi tc, but I actually prefer it on solid state, although it would be pretty nice on the luminare most likely. You just have to get to the stranger fit per se lol

Oh nice you have them? I listened to them several times today on Woo Audio and Eleven Audio. I was very impressed but I didn’t get the listen to them in a quite room.

Yeah really nice stuff going on with them, for sure. Did you get a chance to try the diana v2? Those are really nice as well, more chill and relax portable abyss, pretty nice. If you are curious on what I own you can check my profile on here lol

Nice collection! Yes I did listen to the V2. I though they where nice. I really wish I could have heard both of them in a quite room. I also really liked the Meze Empyrean

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I ended up preferring them to the empyrean but the empyrean is also very nice as well

I thought the Empyrean where extremely conformable and sounded good. Though I can get a deal on the V2 and Phi TC.