Audioengine D1 or Fosi Q5 + JDS Labs Atom

Both of these options are about the same price total. Which would be better? Or is there something else with this price range that can do better?

I know nothing about the D1 but the Q5 is an amp+dac AIO so you wouldn’t need the Atom with that unit unless you just wanted the better amp and used the Q5 just for it’s dac portion. with that said I have used a Q5 briefly (my friends unit) and it was very serviceable by itself as a standalone solution. I couldn’t really tell the difference between it’s dac and my O2+SDAC AIO. For $70 it was a lot better than I ever expected it to be. But there are some alarming things about the Q5, if you take a look at the amazon review section for the Q5 there are pretty terrifying claims being thrown around. I didn’t personally find anything wrong with my unit after a week of use before I handed it off to my friend though. If you wanted to save the money I think that it is more than good enough by itself as a starter unit for someone just trying to get into the hobby, that is if you can ignore some of the claims.

If you are dead set on that price point though and/or stuff about the Q5 destroying equipment has made you steer clear I would recommend putting down $20 more and just get a Atom + Topping D10 and call it a day.

I’m fine with any other dac given it has optical, rca, or 3.5mm input (TV + Nintendo Switch) aside from USB. I would like to use it with my consoles and not just on my pc.

Any other DAC recommendations are welcomed too in case i find another way to output audio out of my switch.

yeah the D10 can do all those things.

other dacs in the same price point would be;

Doesnt the D10 only has USB input? The Nintendo Switch seems to work with some but not all external dac/amp via usb, the D10 is not confirmed working yet.

There is a USB only model, but there’s also a model with optical/Coaxial out as well.

I meant optical in, for output RCA are enough. I guess the SMSL M100 is the only alternative with that price range.

Oh my bad I misunderstood haha.