Audiofly in ear monitors

I have had 2 different pairs of these iems different models (one mid tier, one highest end). And let me tell you, amazing. Very underrated company that is growing. Curious if anyone else has had any experience with them, or if any youtuber wanted to try them themselves I’d lend a pair for review.

Which models are yours?
I’ve always wondered why @ZeosPantera never did release his review for the rest of the Audiofly IEM line. Some legal constraint?
Anyway he had the AF180 reviewed as part of a shootout.

Yeah they asked me not to because they were in court with someone. Now its been months and I emailed them and they said to wait just a bit longer and I can dump it.

So the question now is whether you’d still recommend them even after the Tin P1’s existence. :thinking:

I saw his review on the shootout those are no the top offering anymore. I have the AF180s as well as AF1120s. The 1120s are the flagship. They are killer. Very nice set. IFK which ones @ZeosPantera has reviewed but not released yet. But hopefully you have heard the 1120s they are nice.