Audiophile Power Splitter

Is this one any good??: 8R15W-I (

This is planned for a 10k+ setup, so just a drop in the bucket. Cautious about quality over price (below $500 of course)

I use 3 of those in different rooms. I cannot in all honesty tell if they improve or modify anything in the sound quality of my systems but i had gotten a bundle deal and purchased them. 1 of my larger more substantial cables did manage to crack one outlet. Never had that happen before, (cracked outlet) i haven’t tried to change the outlet or fiddled w/ it yet but that is the only thing i can speak to.

Edit to add: as far as audiophile quality goes, i have found that generally speaking anything that has to do with power that costs less than “Fuck that costs more than my suv😡” is basically and generally probably only a Step or 2 better than a general purpose surge protecter or UPS power supply you can buy at any big box store.

I still own a bunch and use them religiously on every system in the house But just saying…Power is one of those weird things, if you have dirty power you should pretty much hear it immediately, otherwise. I guess these things are like cheap insurance.


they do seem to be paired sets of outlets (2 in series each) is this true?? If so, I should only use I plug per 2 vertical outlets?

You can take it to whichever extreme you deem necessary. But you should base it on actual fact first. If you hear or perceive a difference in sound quality then make your choices of installation based on fact than any assumptions. If that makes sense?

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