Audiophile rage meets animated Squirrel

Kinda out there, but I found it funny how much this lines up with how we’re always out to find a way to save, and pointing out how recording quality (particularly from popular music) has just gone down the drain in the last couple decades. It’s not to say you can’t still find things well recorded, but it’s harder to find newer music that’s as well recorded.

WARNING: If you can’t stand an enraged squirrel who doesn’t know when or how to hold back, this may not be for you.


This is hilarious!

I had forgotten entirely about the skipping, it’s been so long since I actually listened to a CD.

There are sound engineers in this board who might not appreciate the threat of ear canal defication.

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Very edgy but also very accurate. Sadly sometimes a CD is WAY more expensive than downloading and finding a used CD isn’t always an option (used CDs of anime soundtracks are not common). I just wish everyone would just put their music on Bandcamp and make it easy to download flac.


CD’s are invaluable. they sound great. i rip them to the computer. the streaming services are great but they dont have everything. and sometimes the streaming services dont have the remaster. you can buy them on ebay for 3-4$

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The last 10 years or so have been really interesting for us music fans. One one hand music has never been more accessible, inexpensive and easy to produce. On the other hand, sound quality has decreased, current tech has spawned the loudness wars, and Justin Beiber is still a thing.

So…the good with the bad.


Agreed. It’s sad, as technology has advanced so much, and yet… The execution being used has gone so far down hill…

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There might be ones who appreciate it lol

That was pretty good. lol
Can imagine that hitting some, stereo typically the saving part was gold.

The ultimate irony of audio, high quality sound reproduction has been commoditized and we have never had it so good yet quality of recording and mastering has nose dived. The record labels and streaming services are obsessed with trying to sell high resolution music, if they were really interested in sound quality they’d be addressing the dire over compressed rubbish that goes for modern mastering.

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Last week I bought the entire Diana Krall CD’s discography used in ebay for less than 50 euros. How much would have cost to buy the flacs online?

How many cd’s is that?

13… didn’t buy the Christmas songs…

If we went by ~15 per album, your looking at almost 200

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So, the squirrel is right! Lol.

It would appear so. Sadly, Foamy is also right about finding them mishandled quite commonly.

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yeah i get some CD’s scratched. but most rip fine without problems

My father has a considerable number of >20 year old CDs

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I’m the Gen X guy here, so I’m totally biased and love CD’s. I still have over 270 records too. Not much I can do with my random cassette tapes though, lol. For portability though, my DAP can’t be beat.

But the thing I like about CDs is that if you take care of them, you can always rip them again. I’m sure almost everyone has dealt with a dead Solid State Drive or Hard Drive on their PC. If you didn’t back up your files, it’s a nightmare.

Also, cover art (and sadly music videos) are a dying medium, and I find that really sad.


So do I, back from early 90’s…

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Born in 69 here, you are not alone!

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