Audiophile speakers under a 100 bucks?

I’m currently looking for slightly warm sounding speakers in a desktop enviorement under 100 bucks. My choice right now is the Edifier R1280T. Do you guys know anything better under a 100 bucks? Thanks in advance!

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What does warm mean ? Playing with neumi bs5, monday i will have some micca oOo’s to campare. Zreviews and joe n tell gave a positive review for the BS5 that compete with the micca RB42 for zeos, joe N tell got them in-between dayton mk402bt and MB42x download

Too bad they’re both more than 120 bucks in the netherlands. And with a warm sound I mean more midbass and less sibilance overall.

Think U might like the neumies. Got them on my coffee table, imaging is good. Using a smsl AD18 in the middle of a 25x25 space.
Just realized why a desktop. Dammit, now im going to setup a desk. Sigh lol

Have a new set of oOo undamaged. Got them as a tv setup now, bass seems tighter than neumies. theyre eating way more power from the smsl ad18 at 48 volume just a touch over low listening from about 8 feet away.

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Ok got the 0’s on a coffee table now sitting on neumies. The imaging is good norah is dead center , christina was low and to the right. “Aquas de marco” elis regina is to the left antonio jobin the right between the speakers and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up.
For giggles theres convos at $59 but i honestly cant tell you if there any good. purchased some to test the height channels for my HT and pretty sure cooked them replaying the airforce base flyover scene in, “for all mankind”.

So i guess get those edifiers or raid someones change jar for o0o or neumi bs5.

Diclaimer: havent heard edifier and a newbie to audiophile so talking out my behind. The little cheap stuff i do have sound good to my ears. Zeos hasnt steered me wrong yet !

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