AudioSense AQ4 - Love child of Volume and Midnight

The AUDIOSENSE AQ4 has been expected for a long time , and the wait has been well worth it, as not only is it a significant upgrade over the AQ3, but also all that time has translated into a very well tuned and mature earphone.

Audiosense has designed it with 3 high-performance Knowles balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver arranged together in a 3d printed three-way sound tube acoustic chamber, providing us powerful resolution in the highs, natural timbre in the mids and powerful brisk low frequencies.

The sound can best be summarised as a combination of what the SOFTEARS Volume and SEEAUDIO Yume MIDNIGHT offer.
What does that mean? Well let me explain.

The SOFTEARS Volume is a triple-driver hybrid featuring a 10mm
Beryllium-Plated Dome Dynamic Driver, along with Two Customised Balanced armature drivers.

Sound wise it’s clear that the design objective of the VOLUME was to deliver an exceptional sound experience.

From the first listen you are hit by a wall of rich, clean mid-range, producing amazing vocals and detailed instruments.

The highs add to this high-resolution clarity presenting us with this sense of air and detail that is very entoxicating.

The lower registers deliver a clean textured bass that is both punchy and thunderous, very reminiscent of the Moondrop Variations, although it does have a little more midbass than the Variations.

It’s a very satisfying sound the one of the Volume, with a timbre and tonality that always seemed perfect, giving us a clean but warm reproduction of music.

Imaging is perfect and Soundstage is perhaps where the Volume does not maintain its high standard, but I am nitpicking!

Overall I consider the Softears Volume one of the best 1+2 hybrids available, I know it’s a bold statement, but this is a bold earphone that is in many ways a baby Variations.

As for the SEEAUDIO Yume MIDNIGHT it’s a collaboration with renowned reviewer Crinicale.
It’s sound is quite tonally balanced IMO, being tuned to Crinacle’s Neutral target with a Harman 2019-like bass boost.
The SeeAudio Midnight has a clean sub-bass focus, a conservative midrange in comparison to Harman’s 2019 curve and a treble that is relatively smooth without any unnecessary spikes and peaks.

With the Midnight, bass sounds full, well-extended and authoritative.
Besides the well controlled manners of the bass, it does not bleed nto the mids.
The extra warmth carries through to the midrange of the Midnight, making it natural, relaxed and most importantly, pleasing to the ears.

In terms of vocal presentation, both male and female vocals sound lush and full, not too forward nor too laidback, although I would have liked just a tad more liveliness.

In terms of treble, it is smooth, airy, well-extended and non-fatiguing.

Technical performance is perhaps the one area I expected more , but it’s capable enough.

But what about the AQ4? … well it manages to take the fun lively presentation of the Volume with its dynamic bass and clean Mids and give it a touch of laid-back Midnight magic, giving us a warm Harman signiture that’s tastefully done, having superior technical abilities as compared to the MIDNIGHT, and a price point that make it a no brainer , for those that can’t go as far as the Volume but want it’s flavour.




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I can probably get audiosense aq4 for around 110 usd. I want female vocals, instruments, I low end frequencies too, basically an all rounder, and a nice imaging and staging?, will it be a good option?
I had my eyes on dt600 before but didn’t buy it because of comfort issues like the vacuum it create and I don’t like idea of using impedance adapter.

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For 110 it’s a no brainer…get them.
They will give you most of what you want. I actually think they are better than the DT600 in many things

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Thanks. Lastly, please share a side by side photo of it with edx pro and dq6/s, cause they are my reference for the fit. Edx fit best in my ears, dq6/s is big and uncomfortable for me.

Just saw this on Crinacle’s FR database.

Super meaty low end, it graphs around the same level as the Sony XBA-N3.

Appropriate mid gain but unremarkable treble extension.