Audiosense DT200 or Seeaudio Yume or BQEYZ Spring 2 or Moondrop Starfield or Tin T4?

Hey everyone. Im looking for a pair of IEMs and have shortlisted these. Can someone please compare them? Thanks

The inevitable question: what music do you mostly listen to?

Also have you tried any IEMs/headphones that you like the sound signature of, to help work out preferences?

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Female vocals, instrumental jazz, soul, R&B, some classical and some electronic. Old pop too

No, I haven’t tried any other iems before.

Is it worth skipping this price range and jump straight to something like Blessing 2, Tanchjim Oxygen or Fiio FD5 etc?

To be fair the Starfield is a great all-rounder so you cant really go wrong with it, i listen to a variety of music (including jazz and soul) and it doesnt disappoint. From what i understand the Aria is a slightly less fancy Starfield, but i havent tried them myself.

Though iv’e also heard good things about the Yume and the BQEYZ.