Audirect Atom 2 USB-DAC Dongle

Like most of us here, I needed another audio gadget like I needed a hole in the head.

But for whatever reason this new Audirect Atom 2 dongle intrigued me for it’s tiny form factor. DDHiFi makes something similar… but this one does MQA! (sarcasm, I know you don’t really care). I decided to roll the dice with $80 and see if it was worth it.

For those who have no idea what this is here is a link to one of the sellers product pages:

It arrived from China today so I plugged it into a few of my different Apple devices (went with the Lightning one). It fits great with my old iPhone XS that I have a battery case installed on and use just for music. Here’s a poor picture…

I first listened with my KPH30i’s. Hey this thing sounds pretty good :+1:. Next I plugged in my Dunu SA6’s. Man, details soundstage no hiss this is really a killer little DAC for $80. I’ve owned the AQ Red and Cobalt and this is better. I’ve also been enjoying an L&P W2 for several months now and this little thing competes with that! Seriously. If you have a few extra bitcoins to throw at some more portable audio gear this thing is worth having a listen to.


Why are there so many different products in the audio space all called “Atom”?

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:man_shrugging:t3:… right? Must be a shout out to “science.” Audiophiles never question the science :rofl:.

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Just received an email from Drop and the Atom 2 is now available there for $75 USD…

I listened for several more hours again this morning and this micro sized DAC/amp really sounds great. It does get warm, and consumes a bit of precious battery life, but if this form fits what you may be looking for for your OTG music needs I highly recommend picking it up (said some guy on the internet that you don’t know).

I glad your post,because i just searching right now on the hifigo and i looking for my iphone a good portable dac/amp.And what you wrote about it is kinda cool! I know its capeble about 60mw at 32ohm just i didnt think its enough for the kph30i because on my system he likes the power(aune x7s with x8 magic dac on medium gain) :slightly_smiling_face:But after this i think i give a shot for them.Actually i wanna use them with blo3 and tin t2 for better sound quality.Maybe i try with the P1s too but i dont think can drive them enough.I planning buy the e1da powerdac for p1s i heard a lot if good thinks about it.Thanks for shared your experience

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The Atom 2 sounded great with my KPH30i’s… more than enough power to drive them. I do have a pair of Tin P1’s, but I just never use them as they simply aren’t my cup of tea. I would agree that the A2 probably would have trouble with the P1’s though.

For it’s nominal cost I think you’ll enjoy the A2 :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I actually own this as well but can’t seem to get it to work with either of my android tablets but it works fine on my Sony dap which also runs android. Anyone with any expertise that might be able to help? Seemed like a perfect right angled connector to use with my tablet on my lap without damaging any cables :frowning:

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