Audirvana Question

Can someone convince me that Audirvana is worth it?

I think if you have a mac, I think it’s worth it. Also it’s pretty dang simple too if you want something that just works without hassle. So if you value something high quality that just works, it’s worth it

I don’t have a mac, but I think it supports Win10 now, no?

It does, it does a good job on windows as well

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I’m guessing this is software you would use if you had a nice collection of digital music?

It does streaming too. At least I know it does Tidal and a few others. I’m hoping it does Amazon

what benefits does it provide over the built in players that Spotify / Tidal and such use?

The ability to use vst plugins like multiband equalizers
Software upscaling
Converting dsd to pcm
Very good sound quality in its player

do you use it PAB?

what’s PCM?

what about you M0N? Discord says you’re usually on Foobar.

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I use foobar, but I do have some experience with audirvana

after saying it’s really good, why don’t you run it? not an accusation, just curious…

I have been tweaking my foobar setup for years now and I have it dialed in to just the way I like it. It would be hard to change to another player for me imo

Yes I do. I like it a lot

Pcm is a readable digital format/codec whatever that all dacs can interpret
So if you have dsd but your dac cant process them it will translate it into a format your dac can read

PCM is pulse code modulation and is probably the most common form of digital audio. There is also PDM which is pulse density modulation that is used in a format like DSD

I don’t believe amazon has an API for other products to stream from it.
I considered reverse engineering the protocol, but it’s a lot of work and in the end I’m fairly sure I can’t be bothered.

I use Ableton Live 10 and need my ASIO drivers installed with my RME ADI DAC 2. I don’t want to have to uninstall drivers to get bit-perfect music transfer from my system, so I use Audirvana with Tidal and my collection. The ability to use plugins, ease of use, streamlined interface, and no BS system make it worth my money.

I heard is will optimize your computer for audio, makes it a priority. is that true? also how much does it cost? i really like this product. we pay for every part of our signal chain but use free players. i think this is probably a better player than the free ones

Yes. Mutes audio from other and shuts down a lot of other processes like notification and system search to free up space for audio processing
About 70 bucks usd

Here’s the website product features page

I think Audirvana is worth it if you stream Tidal or Qobuz. IMO the UI for Audirvana is an upgrade from Tidal or Qobuz, especially the latter. Amazon may allow an API for 3rd party platforms down the road, but not currently.