Aune X1S replay problems with soundcloud (**Searching Aune X1S owners!**)

I know, cloud and mumble rap central. Not a place a audiophile should venture but hear me out.
Since I got the Aune X1S, I cant play audio on soundcloud. Could anyone try out if he has the same problem?
I think it’s driver or browser related.
I can listen to tracks on IE but not Firefox or Edge. So testing on Edge or Firefox would be prefered.
And if anyone knows this problem and fixed it let me know please.

Thanks in advance, keep rockin’.

Do you have another computer to try this on?

Yeah already tried another PC. Cant find a way to fix it, and having to switch browser for soundcloud is kinda annoying.

Check your Firefox plugins, and let me what is there

Widevine Content Decryption Module

Adblock Plus
Norton Safe Web
uBlock Origin

Try disabling all those plugins and see if it plays. If it does, then go down the list and enable them until it doesn’t work

Already did that and didnt work. Thats the problem, its not that conventional sadly. As far as I can tell
-> Soundcloud isn’t lacking anything since it works on IE
-> doesn’t work on Edge and Firefox, both up to date ofc.
-> Plugins and Add-ons shouldn’t be at fault ( launched Firefox under the “Help” section with everything disabled, pretty much troubleshooting mode)
-> works on IE for some reason but I don’t feel like switching browser as a long time Firefox user

Does it work in a chromium browser? (Opera, chrome, etc)

Havent tried those ones, ill try them tomorrow as im lacking time now, but found out something new, I can change audio device with the browser closed in windows, launch firefox and go to soundcloud and play a track, once the audio is playing I can change to the aune and it works just fine. So its a aune driver thingy or how do I have to understand my new exploration?

Well that does sound like a sound device issue then, so make sure to set the aune as default and disable any windows enhancements and set an appropriate bit depth and sample rate, then restart.

It sounds like the aune driver is freezing from Firefox and edge for some reason, and when you change to it from another driver it fixes it

Now I updated my Windows on my PC to v.1903 and now Edge can play music on Soundcloud aswell xD, f me right. I think it’s fair to say that Firefox is missing something or the aune driver to make it work with firefox, since something was probably added to Edge in this update and now the browser works just fine.
Can’t say that about Firefox tho, end me please, I don’t wanna return it nor change browser …

It honestly sounds more like a software incompatibility, so I don’t think the aune is the issue here

I guess something I didn’t ask was did you install the driver? Sometimes a clean driver reinstall can fix weird issues. You just uninstall from device manager, disconnect the device, then uninstall the driver and restart. Then install the driver again and keep the unit unplugged and restart. Finally then plug in the aune after it turns on and it should be a clean install