Aune X7s as speaker amp

Hi. I was eyeing for some speakers now that I have finished my headphone setup. I was thinking of the famous Jamo S803 but I have no experience with speakers. I was wondering if it was possible to connect with a cable (not sure which type) from Jamo to my Aune X7s’s RCA out. Does that make sense? Would it cause a problem if I have my headphones connected to the X7s? I’m sorry if this sounds like a total nonsense. I’m grateful for any advice on the cable configuration, dedicated amps/dacs for speakers or different speakers.

Only if you put a power amp of some sort between the RCA out and the speaker input. :wink:

So I need an actual dedicated amp for the speakers.

How much you got to spend?

The number 2.

I haven’t bought anything yet. I’m just planning for the future setup. However I would definitely not want to spend too much on dac/amp for the speakers. I heard that the Jamos don’t need too much power so I would like to either somehow connect it to my headphone amp (not sure if it’s possible) or buy a new dac/amp setup that would be most ideally cheaper than the speakers.

Thanks for the manual. It didn’t occur to me to check it there. It stills says I need an amp or “active” speakers. Jamos are not self powered and I read that they do need an amp.

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I see a rca out, you just need a power amp. All depends on how cheap and small you wanna go.

100ish USD :smiley: ? Could that work?

Theres a aiyima amp got a good review on ASR. I sound like a aiyima asr shill :sweat_smile:.

Theres a amazon basics amp that go low as $70 bucks. Z did a review said it sounds good. I got one in a 2.1 running straight from the dac in the TV powering neumis. Gets pretty loud sounds just as good as a smsl AD18 turning the treble down, (the amp has tone controls).

I think I’m going to wait. Didn’t know speakers need a separate amp.

Thought you got the jamos already. For $200 USD you can decent stuff amp/speakers if in the US.

Unfortunately in Europe the Jamos cost around 300 USD. The only thing we are happy for is they are at least available.

OOf, look on the bright side you can save on shipping with a iotavx amp.

That’s available in UK so the shipping would be kinda complicated with their Brexit thing.

forgot they broke away like harry & mehgen. :woozy_face: