Aune X7s or EL AMP II

Hi, I think about getting 1 of the 2 following amps for Neumann NDH20
I also want to potentially add the OL DAC to replace my smsl m3
If anyone can give advice on which one to get ill be happy thanks.

Personally I prefer the El amp II more, but the x7s isn’t bad or anything. I would definitely say the El amp II because you wouldn’t be able to get the most out of the x7s because the ndh20 isn’t balanced (but I prefer the El amp ii anyway lol). Regarding the dac, I would actually look at a topping d10 or smsl m100 imo

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Quick random question that I wanted to ask, Is the difference between the neumann,Beyer T5P and the Aeon 2 Closed big or is it not worth double the price? Thanks

Hmmmm. Those are all pretty solid headphones imo, I think it would come down to your priorities

You already have the ndh20?

The aeon 2 closed is going to be slightly v shaped, with very good speed and impact, a bit wider but not something I would call very large

The t5p is going to be the widest and most spacious out of the bunch, but also comes with a bit more hot treble, although it is a slightly warmer signature but is somewhat more forward.

I guess it comes down to your preferences. I think the aeon 2 at 900 is a bit steep but bstock or used I see them under 750 which is more appealing imo. The t5p 2nd gen can be found around 500 ish used

Thanks for the quick reply, I think ill start with the ndh20 and see how they sound, again thanks for the quick reply

I mean it depends on what you like already, what type of sound are you after? What have you had before?

sry for late reply, I liked my ath-m50x altho ive only used those, fh7 and blon bl-05 so far
so i have no idea what sound type but i do like hearing vocals over the instrument life like.
sorry for bad explanation and again thanks for the quick reply

What do you like about the m50x and what would you want to change about it?

Going to an NDH20 would be an upgrade for sure for technicalities but also a sidegrade in sound signature (is warmer and smoother than the m50x)

I feel like the sound signature is also an upgrade (depending on preference) as the ndh 20 delivers the mids that are recessed on the m50x (imo anyway based on my a/b on those 2)

I would agree, I was more trying to say that while it is an upgrade it’s a change in signature (if that is positive or negative that’s up to the listener). I personally much prefer the ndh20 over the m50x, but at the same time the ndh20 isn’t my personal preference over other options in the price range either

True enough, I guess that sound preference makes our gear search never-ending. I personally enjoy the neumanns a lot and returned the fostex 610 I was also trying out (other than obvious comfort issues).

well i stopped using the m50x a few weeks ago and now using fh7, but tbh i do wanna try different sound signatures, i think i would enjoy open headphones or closed ones rather that sound like open ones. altho with the m50x everything would sound close to me if that is a good explanation which i did like