Aune X8 DAC seems to have died

I’m experiencing problems with my Aune X8 DAC.

I have previously had the DAC lose connection to my pc. A change of cable sorted it out. Now, it seems to be completely dead.

Before you ask: It IS powered on.

What I’ve tried:

Replugging the DAC
Turning it off and on again
Tried other USB ports on my PC
Reinstalled the driver
Updated Windows 10
Cycled the input on the DAC itself
Rebooting my PC
Changed the USB cable

Nothing has worked. In device management, the DAC can’t be seen when connected.

The green power LED is on, when the (I/O) switch is on, so there’s power to the unit.

I can only try to connect the DAC via USB, as I have no Coax or optical sockets in my pc. Nor do I have Coax or optical cables laying around.

Any other suggestions before I declare it dead?

Confirm that your usb cable works. Check the device manager (in windows) to see if there’s an issue, uninstall the device to rule out a driver issue.

The cables I’ve tried are known good. The DAC can’t be seen in device manager when plugged in.

I would try with other PC and also the other inputs.
Then it’s pretty much case closed unless there are Firmware update / reset options.