AüR Audio Neon Opinions

-Solid balanced sound
-Excellent resolution and detail retrieval
-Perfect BA driver matching
-Textured Bass response
-Custom-like fit

-Very slight lack of treble extension
-Presentation and packaging needs to be improved, especially for the price

The AüR Audio Neon is as of this moment the only product that this young and brave company had offered us.

It’s the brainchild of one Mr Nicholas Teo, a audiophile by heart with the passion and desire to want to give the general public a taste of true high-end , true craftsmanship , true quality, at a price that won’t mean having to sell the house to get it.

Mind you 600usd is not cheap by any means , but what is offered is a beautiful resin shell, filled with the best of Sonion and Knowles,10BA to be exact per side, dual 38 and dual 37 series, dual 23 series for the mids and quadruple custom Knowles for the highs.
All of this is tied together with a simple but carefully matched crossover network, put together with flawless perfection to bring us, you and me ,a sound that I can only describe as smooth, but not a smooth that you fall asleep, but the smooth that you find yourself looking for adjectives at how it is capable of reproducing music in such a magical manner.
Ok ok ok you might be saying , he’s hyping it, such exaggeration…well I am not.
I might not be as known or as knowledgeable as some more prominent names in the Audiophile community, but I do own a pair of decent ears, I do have varied musical taste, and I have enough experience to say what is a good sound and what is a bad sound…the AüRAudio falls into the first category.

Within the first moments of listening to the AüRAudio Neon, I knew it was especial, as it not only ticked all the right boxes sonically, but fit and comfort where also more than satisfactory.
Bass was the first thing I noticed, it was present, had enough rumbling sub-bass, and layers of bass resolution and attack.
Next came the mids which I quickly realised where the star of the show…I had a reference in the form of the DT200 from AudioSense, the Neon in now my new reference, they are the right kind of warm, clean, detailed and at no moment over energetic or sibilant or just too in your face.
Finally the treble that provided clarity and air that did not ever sound harsh, it just flowed in perfect harmony with the rest of the spectrum.
I knew after the first minutes of Neon that I was addicted, so all that was left was how did place on the food chain of IEMS.

Initial comparison came via AudioSense T800 and DT600 both in their own rights excellent all BA sets.
Both are in their own right excellent Earphones, the DT600 being more laid back although always very authorotive in its presentation, while the T800 is a more fun and energetic Earphone capable of really satisfying most musical genres with an enthusiastic reproduction.

The construction and build of both of these is excellent, AudioSense being well known for being capable of flawless perfection.
The Neon is right there with the Audiosense proposals , resin shell is amazing quality, fit almost CIEM like with the only minor set back being the size which when compared to the others dwarfs them.

The best way to compare the Neon to the DT600 and T800 in terms of sound is to say it’s the love child of those two, with the subbass of the DT600 but quickness and impact of the T800, mids and vocals that are on par and exceed even in terms of overall smoothness, to the extent that it’s now a reference for me in terms of what BA mids should sound like, and a treble that only looses slightly to the DT600 on certain songs and also with the playlist I use.

Technically the Neon has a huge, wide, deep soundstage , excelling the DT600 and slightly the T800.
Imaging looses to the T800 but take note it’s Minor differences.
Finally detail retrival is superior to the DT600 and takes turns with the T800 who comes out on top.

So overall what can be summarised about the Neon, well simply put, it’s capable of taking what the DT600 and T800 do best and bring it together in a package that leaves almost nothing to be desired, I say almost because the one area that requires attention is the overall packaging, would be nice to see a real quality cable, carrying case and accessories be included, after all the eyes also need some candy.
Of course the large size can also be an issue for small ears and the price tag make some think once or twice, but as far as this reviewer is concerned the AüRAudio Neon is safe rec and one that deserves attention, great things are coming from AüRAudio!!


Thanks Akros, good to see you here.

Mind sharing your graph and a way how to get it? :pray:



Best way to get it is by contacting directly on the FB page…Redirecting...

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So would seem the Neon Fever is about to catch on. Can’t wait to see what other Neon Owners have to say!

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Simply a great iem.

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Thanks. I just bought the Neon Pro. Now comes the waiting…

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I enjoy mines