Auris Audio Nirvana HeadAmp

Has anyone had a chance to listen to this. Seems like an interesting albeit expensive tube amp hybrid
I know some folks have been looking at the Euterpe

It’s a pretty solid tube amp, it’s a more energetic fun sounding amp, nothing really I could complain about when I’ve got a demo, drives most things well, very clean yet well toned and enjoyable. Also pretty sure it’s not a hybrid amp, it’s a transformer coupled tube amp. I do think this is a more compelling buy than the Headonia 2A3 since imo the 2a3 can’t compete with other options in it’s price range, where the nirvana can be found used in the 3.5k range which pits it favorably against other options


Cool. I’m trying to compile a list of headphone amps to look into. I’ve kind of set my eyes on the Niimbus we spoke about earlier and am also looking for a tube amp of similar capability in a similar price range further down the line
selection in Canada is… a bit limited at the moment lol so this is all speculation for when plague season ends.

There are a ton of real good tube amps in this range lol, too many to list, all good options, just would depend on the signal chain you have and availability

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anybody looking for one this may be a decent buy at $3k… for some reason it has a different power supply than the og matching one so not sure what the deal is with this… It’s Auris branded but just different.

@M0N do you think the Auris Nirvana is competitive with the Cayin HA-300 on most flagships? The HA-300 goes right around $3k used and uses the 300B tubes where this is KT77/EL34.

OG power supply looked much cleaner than the black box sitting next to it.

Honestly for my personal preferences I’d rather have a ha300 over the nirvana most of the time, personally think it’s more technically able with a sweeter signature, although the auris would have more grip and control. Depends on what headphones you would be driving for which one would be a better option. At 3k for the nirvana it’s a good price

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That’s what I was thinking as well. Was leaning towards waiting for the ha-300 mk2 coming soon plus it has speaker taps so would be nice to use that.

Hp pairings would be Phi TC, Verite closed, OG clear and LCD3.

I would probably prefer the phi tc on the nirvana but for the vc, lcd 3, and clear I’d lean more toward the ha300

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