🔷 Auris Euterpe

This is the official thread for the Auris Euterpe

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • USB in, line in, pre out, 1/4 inch headphone out
  • 0.9W into 32 ohms, high and low impedance switch, ESS ES9018 dac
  • Triode Tube amp and stand all in one

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Z Reviews…


that’s a cute piece of kit. I suspect it’s got so much height there as they want you to be able to sit your headphones on it as well…the lil nip tuck curve at the top speaks that loudly to me. makes it a bit awkward looking though.

I think from all the footage I saw of canjam nyc this year, I thought I saw those in a lot of places.

Lol I thought Zeos bought a headphone stand in the last review but apparently that’s what was hiding behind a box.

read about it a few weeks back. Taron from hf com did use it with the Rosson RAD 0 and did enjoy it a lot.
This thing has a huge wife acceptence factor - already got a go
not told her about the price, yet
if one would compare it vs the ZMF Pendant and/or the Hagermann Tuba - would be highly appreciated!

The ZMF Pendant is on a higher tier of performance no question imo, but the Euterpe is a solid offering for the price if you are looking for a good tube all in one

Where would you put the Dragon IHA-1 compared to the Pendant?

Disclaimer: we do not guarantee that your headphone will not cook on it. Please be sure to remove headphones from the stand while unit is running.


Hmmm, the pendant and dragon are not similar topology, and don’t sound super close. I like both, but it really depends on the headphones you use for how I would rate them

I think I’m personally going to skip this tier, but the Pendant or the Dragon would have been the choice at approx. $2k. None will be a near future purchase, but I am leaning towards either of the high end Cayins, the Studio 6, or the ZOTL MZ3

Those are all great amps. IMO I would actually go for the ha-6a for what you have, would give you lots of flexibility (or the mz3 if you want to drive planar)

Yes, I think those are the two I’m between right now. It will probably come down to what I can get a good price on when the time comes. I may prioritize my DAC/ss before I upgrade the tube side too, but either upgrade wouldn’t likely happen until later this year


the all in one part is the least important part for me.
I did throw the Tuba in, cause it is able to drive planars as also low and of course high impedance dynamics, while beeing not as huge (especially wide) as the Pendant build wise.
Even the Feliks Audio designs are a bit huge (especially wide)
My preferences are on the european market for a pure tube design.
Feliks Audio and Auris would not add any Import taxes(19%+0-14%), unlike all of the US builds.
For the Hybrids by Schiit, like the LYR3 or my at the moment most prefered tube solution beeing the Mjolnir 2 with some tubemonger (have a buddy with very similar taste, who uses them)- we do have a european Distribution via netherland and I could get the M2 or around 620€ + 250$ for the tubemonger roll-ins…