AutoEQ Profile for KZ ZSN Pro X

Hi guys, I recently posted the AutoEQ profile for the ZST Pro/Colorful (different than the ZST) then I decided to buy the KZ ZSN Pro X as I have seen very good reviews of these IEMs for their price, they cost me around 40$ plus the KZ gold mixed cable cost me in total 55$ plus their default black case, the truth is that I can’t feel bad with this purchase since the sibilance of the ZST Pro had me exhausted, then as I learned to use it without problems the jaakkopasanen project (AutoEQ) I decided to make my own EQ profile since I didn’t manage to get any EQ profile for these IEMs so without further ado I hope you enjoy it.

I made the profiles available in jaakkopasanen’s project but I did get some 3 extra graphs which are:

Innerfidelity Target (Innerfidelity FR target | Super Best Audio Friends)
Klaus Neutral for IEMs (Constructing an Audiophile IEM Reference Target - Klaus Eulenbach)
Crinacle target (In-Ear Fidelity's IEM Neutral Target Gets an Update (+ Database Updates) – In-Ear Fidelity)

The EQ only profile has no compensation with any graph, i.e. zero.csv compensation.

Also I want to warn you that for a question of comfort all the other profiles I made them for Poweramp EQ, that is to say they have the frequencies in -31,62,125,250,500,1000,2000,4000,8000,16000 with Q=1.50, since this is the default of Poweramp, only the EQ profile only has the Parametric EQ, I hope that it is not an inconvenience for you, if you need or want a specific profile in Parametric send me a PM and I will kindly help you. I hope it will be helpful for you.



have realized that the measurements I have used are totally wrong, I apologize for the problem. I am currently doing many tests to correct the sound signature of these IEMs and testing many Targets to be able to launch them again, soon I will publish another post with the correction.


Hello man, I’ve recently checked this website AutoEQ.

The only available profile is Kz zsn pro, but what I have is KZ zsn pro x. Hopefully you can fix it soon. Will it be posted in the github link or if not, I’d be thankful if you can send me the file. Cheers!

Man, Just tested this eq on my Zsn pro x. I really don’t know why u Said u were wrong lol. After this eq, I love my pro x. Thanks!

Did it give you more flat response?

Yes! More natural, increased Clarity and detail too… I’m Sorry, but I’m Brazilian, my english is Very poor, I don’t know If this terms are corrects for sound…

All good man!! Thanks for your feedback, I’m gonna try it out!

Because the measurements are not correct, and my method to make the EQ now is better, with the new results is more awesome!

When are you gonna release it? so excited to try it!

Honestly Idk, I already have the results for various EQs, I take like 5 measurements to have a close results for both sides, Only If the people want it I gonna realease, and in the case that Yes is the respond, i wanted to know what targets do you want me to release, the most of my results is experiments about another sounds signatures of High End with Silicon Tips for an general point of reference

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Lets do something interesting, I going to do a EQ data for all the Targets of reviewers and reference, and, I gonna leave the EQs results about some best IEMs in the Ranking List of Crinacle, using only one of the soung signature detail, it means, one of neutral with bass boost, one of mild v shape, and like that

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Wow! Please! My goal is to have a neutral sound. I think zsn pro x has a lot of potential, but the basses is too loud, hidding mids and highs, and there’s a small range in the mids that doesn’t have much clarity. I am wrong? lol
I’m excited to test the results!

I upgraded my kz zsn pro x with the a blue hybrid cable 784 cores. But I have the default silicone eartips, I find them more comfy idk why. I use my zsn pro x especially for producing music, I know some would say it’s not best to use IEM’s to produce music especially the mix and master part. That’s why I’m looking for an EQ that will give KZ zsn pro x a flat response so that I won’t fool my ear while making music.

Looking forward to try this eq man! It would mean a lot to me <3

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Oh right, for you and @Chance, first of all is what the “neutral sound” really doesnt exist like a especially response, that will depend that how your brain interpred the sound in diferents sentences, and ob the “neutral sound” will depend always of the individual person. But, Is like a little bit of IEMS/Sound Signatures that the most of the persons tested percibe like “Neutral”. When I get a little of time i will publish all in this section and want to know your impresions!!


Thanks man!!!

Here is the mega folder, hope be helpfull for you all.


I just made an account to thank you, thank you for this!

However I still have a small question about this, a day or so ago I made my own AutoEq profiles because I wanted to see how it would come out. So I eq’d targetting the 2019 Harman curve for comparison, the final graph looked like this:

But because you wrote in your original post about how you made a mistake in the measurements, I thought I did one too, so I waited for you to release your own; at the end your graph looks like this:

So, may I ask what did you do wrong so I don’t end up doing the same “mistake” as you did? I’m just curious, not complaining though.

Hello and thanks for see the folders, My first mistake was really dont understand the resonances at that point, “talking about measurements”, obviously I notice my configs of REW doesnt was the corrects to do the swaping in the IEM, now, the true is that the ZSN Pro Units is different of each one, so, the final graph “oficial graph” is the average of 4 measurements of people that I THINK what do a good measurement of this IEM. So in fact the final graph is like that to “be” more close to most of the IEMs units

You can see the diferences between the photos and see the others graphs photos in the mega folder

Btw I noticed that the Compesation Targets Im using a bad linecode of EQ, you can see easy un the 7/8kHz so late when I can i will remove the folders and put a new one without the reasonance peaks to do it more exact