Avantone CLA200. Great Stereo Power Amp

As some may know, a couple of weeks ago I received a SingXer SA1 & 2 or 3 days ago I started listening to my headphones with it using DISH/SiriusXM as a source. It’s fantastic.

I’m not really a headphone guy though. I’ve had some cables, speaker wire, & a pair of Tannoy XT8F all still in their packaging for 2 or 3 years, as I’ve been waiting to be able to afford everything else, like a nice record player and phonostage, record cleaning machine, ect ect. I still have to wait a few months for those things.

So anyway, I got this amp about the same time I got the speakers. It was a demo deal from Vintage King. I figured it, Avantone CLA200, to be my starter amp & later I would get a real hifi amp. After having hooked everything up & listening now into my second night, I hear no reason to upgrade my amp. It sounds fantastic on my Tannoys. This amp retails for less than $1k. Yes it’s probably made in China but damn it sounds good.

DISH/SiriusXM box-WBC 1.5ft RCA-SingXer SA1-
Accusound Silver Pro 20ft XLR-Avantone CLA200
-antiCable Level 3.1-Tannoy XT8F

The longer I listen the better it’s getting. Ive had it playing about 24 hours non stop thus far. The soundstage is growing, at least with well recorded music, to the outside of the speakers with a perfect center image, with height floating in the air above the speakers & down to my ear level.

So again, I hear no reason to upgrade my amp now. Soundstage, imaging, clarity, body, dynamic control, tone, texture; to my ears all sound spot on when cranked up, but even all low volume still sound nice & balanced.

You can get the amp from places like Sweetwater or Vintage King. Yes it is a pro monitor amp. It has gain knobs. Don’t worry they’re stepped. You get big VU meters if that adds cool appeal for you. Rated at 200wpc@8ohms. One note of caution. It’s class AB. It’s friggin heavy.


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The Avantone CLA200 is a secret weapon for hifi people. Yesterday I was running my Hafler 9505 to power my Triangle Borea BR02 speakers & I just got a JBL LRS310S sub to match with the speakers, which bottom out about 55hz. The 9505 is fixed gain & it was overpowering the the balance of the speakers with the sub, even with the sub at max volume.

The CLA200 has variable gain on top of sounding fantastic. It has warmth but also it’s still detailed. It’s made for mixing music after all. Anyhoo, thanks to the variable gain I now have my sub output like I want, & I don’t need it at max anymore. I’m using the 80hz crossover of the sub to highpass to the speakers. That of course brought out more details for the speakers with the audible warmth of the amp to boot.