Avantone mixcubes

I’m looking at buying a pair of these for my desk since I’ve been doing a lot of mixing at home lately. There is a passive version for $300/pair and an active version for $469/pair. Currently, I have a mini 2013 3 wpc tube amp, an inexpensive “class T” amp, and smsl ad18 available to drive passive speakers. Are one of my amps suitable for these, or is there a suitable amp for these that cost less than the price offset between passive and active?

You buy mixcubes for sounding like shit (that’s their sonic goal, midrange focused and sound really bad), so it really doesn’t matter for what you power them with lol. If you can make them sound good on the cubes they will sound good on most things. I think really any one of those amps would do the job just fine (the tube might be a bit too low though)

Sorta like ns10, right?

Kinda, but worse lol

Really I started by looking for something front ported so I wouldn’t be penalized by being near a wall, but these came up and they have mostly great reviews. Front port or sealed, smallish form factor is what I’m looking for. Any other ideas in the same price range?

Hmmmm, well what about an iloud micro monitor, those are pretty sweet in the price range

The mixcubes are a classic, but you just want to know what you are getting into. A pair of my 2ndary monitors actually have a mode to emulate a mixcube and it does a decent job. They are a useful tool for your mix but I wouldn’t use the mixcubes as your primary monitors, they are more for 2ndary use

Those look nice. Do you think I’d get more out of the room-correcting mtm, but only in mono, or the pair of the micros? I still have my headphones for mixing stereo.

Maybe I could add a minidsp to get a similar result to the mtm?

Have you checked out the elac debut reference? Front ported and within that general range
Doh. Missed the need for mixing.

I think there might be some older dynaudio monitors that might be for sale that are front ported

I think if you got stereo then yes, but if you think you could go mono it might be worthwhile

You could yes, but it wouldn’t be as easy

Turns out IK sells their room correction software and mic for $200, so I could go that route and still save $200 on the whole package.

BTW I did buy the micros!

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Nice, curious to see what you think of them, they did impress me for their size

Anything is better than the mb42s I have mounted above my display, but I’ll share a link to my mix this weekend.

Here is last week, using mostly 177x and checked on mb42 https://youtu.be/czezR896Y3U

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