Avantone Pro CLA 10 passive studio monitor

Was doing research on studio monitors and came across these which were on sale. Apparently they are a recreation of some God tier thing Yamaha put out like 30 years ago.

Has anyone had any experience with them?

I have had experience with the Yamaha NS10’s, and yes they have been a staple in studios for a long time. While I think the speaker is nice and served it’s purpose in the past, I think that honestly the ns10 isn’t the best choice these days, as I think there are better monitors out there for the same price. It’s one of those love it or hate it speakers, and you really need to go try it to find out

Yeah. I’m ultimately gonna stick with my initial choice of the focal alpha 65s but there are other brands available at the store near me that are kind of interesting. Dynaudio. The Adam audio t5vs (though I hear they’re not great for mixing) etc

I think at the price range you are looking at, the focals and dynaudios would edge out the adams imo

Yeah. The dynaudios look really good as well

I really like some of the dynaudio studio speakers. They are well made and pretty good sounding, although I think they would be twice the price as the focal alpha monitors

The bm5s are only about 150 cad more per speaker than the focals theres a sale on the lyds right now that put it only about a hundred bucks above the bm5s
Though I’m having trouble finding info on the main differences between the two models

I think the lyds are the newer model, as I think the bm5 has been disconnected. Also what mk was the bm5 you were looking at

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The model number was bm5mkIII

Those are still great monitors. I have not heard the lyd series yet, so I don’t know the differences

I know that they’re apparently designed to retain detail at any volume and have a built in optional filter for bass compensation when pushed up against walls. But I haven’t been able to hear them either unfortunately.

Typically dsp like that is a valuable feature for studio monitors, as it can help with less then ideal room design and placement, which is very important

Also since you are working with film, do you plan to add a sub to your monitoring system?

Which is why I’m thinking of putting down the money for the lyd 7s. It also has a tilt shift feature to compensate for rooms without acoustic treatment. Which is beneficial for me.
Luckily I’m getting some extra freelance next week so it wont burn a hole in my wallet.

Well that’s good, you don’t want to blow out your budget lol. I knew someone who went totally overkill on building is first home studio, and then didn’t get a lot of customers because he wasn’t good at music production lol. He ended up having to sell it off to pay back the loans

Genelec is also pretty good for room correction dsp, but imo might be above your budget and you might be better off with the dynaudios at this price range

Yeah. I would be nervous normally but the freelance storyboard work helps.
Also the monitors are about 100 bucks off right now.
Yeah the genelecs are too expensive for me atm