AVC For Monitor Audio Bronze 2

So i have a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 incoming and need a AVC or amp for it. Its going to my living room. The idea is to plug in a turn table, TV and also Spotify (from tv). Basically my all rounder music listening spot. Listening distance about 2 meters. Later on would probably add a sub woofer.

Speakers are 8 ohm, 90 db, 100 watt

Oh, about 300 to 350 euro budget for this. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: In the meanwhile I think i’m down to:

1 - Onkyo A 9110
2 - Cambridge Audio AXA35
3 - Yamaha A-S501
4 - Marantz PM-5005

I can vouch for the pm5005 and the AXA35. I think both are great for the price. I liked the marantz sound a bit more then the cambridge, but they both sound great.