B-I-C Venturi V52's?

Anyone know anything about these old speakers? I bought them at a store called Magnolia Hi-fi in Bellevue, WA back in '99 or '2K - used then as side surrounds in a 6.1 setup. I no longer have the paperwork for them and I am not able to find much of anything on the internet to help fill in on the specs. All I know is that they are 8 ohm nominal from a label on the back, but as far as frequency response, power ratings, or crossover network - no clue. I’d like to know becuase I am sure that after 20 years The crossover network could use a refresh, but only if they are worth it. I see these go on ebay for $60 - $120.00 in good to excellent condition, and these I’m thinking rate towards the higher end.

I kept these in use until about 2 years ago, when I bought the home I’m in now and never unpacked them because the downstairs rec room has speakers built into the ceiling for surround sides and rears and they work out well actually - but that’s another story.

I recently ordered a new set of speakers to tryout for my desktop solution and also a speaker amp. The amp arrived, speakers are still in flight so, I got these out to try out the new amp, and they are sounding pretty good. Mids are good and highs are really clear. They do not have a lot of bass on their own (but I like more base than most so…), even up next to a wall. Pairing them with a subwoofer takes care of that.

Just curious what others may have to say about them.

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