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This is the official thread for the B&O H6. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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These are closed-back, the description needs changed. Use these at work and I absolutely adore these cans.

When my ears need a break from IEMs, I reach for my H6. Not an audiophile headphone, they are a bit more on the slutty side sound-wise. Very well built and well-suited for living in a purpose-built slim case in my backpack. Until someone tops the sound in a similarly robust set of cans, these are my top pick for the commute.

I’m looking for portable easy to drive closed backs that sound punchy yet balanced. My favorite portable headphones were the Marshall monitors. Not the most comfortable but I love the sound signature. Do These sound like they would like the H6s? or the Audio Technica M60xs?

Not heard the Marshall Cans so I can’t quite judge the Signature. M60x are amazing tho.

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You should try Marshall Z. The pads are not for everyone but sound really pops on them. To this day I can’t find anything that sounds better with rock music. If you want to get a better explanation of them gamesky reviewed them on YouTube.

Love my v1’s! Have not heard the v2’s. Anyone tell me the difference?

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