B&W DM600 S3 (requesting stereo amp advice)

Passive Bookshelf Speakers: b&w dm600 s3

  • Reccomended Amp Power: 25W – 100W into 8Ωon unclipped material
  • Nominal Impedance: 8Ω(minimum 3Ω)
  • 88 dB

Re-working my desk setup. I’d like to keep using these speakers on it. Looking for advice on an amp to buy for them. I need something with a form factor that will work for my desk.

Powering them by an THX reciever (Onkyo Integra DTR 6.4, with “Power per channel (minimum): 100W at 8 ohms”). But this receiver is far too large for my desk area. Normally it is in the living room using additional speakers of the same line, and one tier up (B&W cdm 7nt).

I love both the warmth and depth of the tone (I don’t really mean imaging by depth, more like a “layered richness” if I’m making any sense). I have tried these with a Topping MX3 (I’ve seen it listed as 30 or 40 watts/channel, at ? Ω). On the Topping they sounded clean, but incredibly dry by comparison. I no longer have the Topping. But I’m looking for that richness I had with the Onkyo. I would prefer something more efficient like Class D for energy and heat, but I don’t know if I just need more power to bring out the warmth, or if I need an inefficient amp too.

CONSIDERATIONS (in order of what I’m most to least considering):

  1. Crown XLS 1002:
    Easily larger than ideal, but oddly enough I think would be an alright form factor. I don’t care that it’s wide, but it’s only 7.7" deep (I would prefer less deep, but this is alright). It’s far more power than I need, and since it doesn’t have top vents, I could place the Mackie Big Knob Studio on top of it (6.x" deep), or mount it to the under side of my desk.

  2. SMSL SA-98E: (or similar model… i don’t know how much they differ)
    Almost as long as the Crown, but smaller every other way. Would fit much better on the desk. Is rated for 160w per channel, but I’m skeptical how much of that is clean at this size and price. But if it would work, I’d far prefer both the form factor and price. Let’s say budget is under $600, but preferably around $250. This is only $115.

  3. Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier:
    This isn’t really a consideration. I imagine this would be perfect for sound and price. It’s about the same size as the Crown, but in the wrong dimensions. This would be incredibly awkward on my desk unfortunately, so not really considering it.

So I am wondering if there are other recommendations, or if my selections are good (particularly the Crown and SMSL) for what I describe I’m looking for. Any advice is greatly appreciated as I feel somewhat blind in all of this.

Theres that parasound Zv3 heard its audiophile and easy to score on amazon. Price dips $279 Currently $335 . Think its 45w 8ohm.