Baba O'Riley detail retrieval question

First off, this is one of the greates rock 'n roll songs ever. After that, there’s a low frequency noise that modulates with the synthesizer early in the song. I heard it on all my speaker-speaker amp and headphone-headphone amp combos so it’s not an equipment thing, it’s in the recording. It’s audible on this YT stream:

It’s right away with the synths. To all you mixers and masterers out there, what is that sound? Is that a product of the synthesizer they were using or did someone record the synths too hot?

dammit, you’ve become aware of your implant.

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Lol. My 8yo heard me laugh about this and asked to read it. He reads it and says “What’s wrong with him?” He comes back a few minutes later saying “That guy on the internet probably looks like this!”


needs more hair on the chest, but it’s bloody spot on! :wink:

It almost sounds like the keys bottoming out in the keyboard. Since it was probably recorded with a mic, this could be a possibility

That’s quite possible. Thanks!

My phones ringtone that :+1: