Back when I was into HT, I bought some nice Paradigm speakers. Do I need a better amp?

Back when I was into HT with a 96" screen via an Optima projector, I bought a Harman Kardon 7.1 setup. The side and back surround speakers were Atom v2’s I think. The front and centers are Pardigm Studio 20’s v3 with a Studio-470 v3 for the center. And a PW-2200 for the sub.

The HK died, so I bought a Denon like 4-5 years ago to replace it. But those aren’t really for Music are they? I don’t use the Atoms anymore. Wondering what the best step is for a receiver. Are there any good options for 3.1 or do I just ditch the center? I believe they are great speakers, I just have never really pushed them for music.

So youre looking at 3.1 to do strictly music using a HT reciever, will you still be using the projector ? Word is Preamp AVR is the way to go for best sound. yamaha RXA3080 using the internal amps, hear yamaha preouts suck except for the flagship CX-5200.

The denon 3600 and current 2020 model line preamp lineouts measure well by ASR for a budget system.

And you probably already know investing in room treatment and room correcting software to tune the setup. I would add one more thing an identical subwoofer for a 3.2 configuration.

Last but not least center placement, if still using some sort of display panel will it be in the middle of L/R since youre going straight music i would mount the monitor high so you can bring the center speaker up inline with L/R. bugs me sound coming from below the display.

Right now, let’s assume I only have the Paradigm Studio 20 v.3’s and the matching center with the PW-2200 sub. I actually don’t have software correction or room treatment, it’s a brand new camp on the lake (it’s pretty “open” by design), I’ve used the mic that comes with it and it auto adjusts everything, but I don’t think I agree with what it’s doing. I’d rather do it manually but this Denon has a really bad interface for tuning everything. I guess I’m looking for a receiver that is easy to tune using some sort of software (is there something I can run on my iPhone 12?). We do watch movies, so I’d say 50/50 Music/Movies. Just not using any surrounds. Thanks! So yes, let’s pretend I have a 3.1 set of speakers and nothing else. What software would you recommend?

Denon/marantz 2019/2020 AVR
denon 3700 $ 1200 USD
denon audyssey editor app. $19.99

Additional tuning:REW ( room EQ wizard) laptop with HDMI
HDMI measuring MIC
HDMI cable

Not sure if you follow the measuring thing by ASR forum of the denon/marantz AVR. basically ASR did testing and found the 2019-2020 denons measure better than marantz, funny thing theyre same company.

read your intial post again and think you are going for a hybrid HIFI/movie setup. As you can guess my suggestion is a budget build. But if i was going to spend the coin a true pre/pro would be the answer along with a couple of audiophile amps. from what i gather the flagship AVRs have the better DACs and the pre/pros has everything and does not have the burden of providing power for amplification only signal. Cant offer specific brands on pre/pro personally havent been at that end of the pool.

You could go Zeos mad science hour. get a used AVR external DACs miniDSP nano digi route.

Thanks! I was hoping for some easy AVR that has Bluetooth to a smartphone and you walk around the room measuring with your smartphone mic (like Sonos does). Haha. I’m so lazy.

Havent seen or read anything in the home theater circles anything like that. Although with denon/marantz the app is $19 bucks and youre on your way.