Balance cable extender

So i recently bought Harmonicdyne Zeus and it comes with 4.4 pentaconn to L+R 3.5mm, unfortunately the cable length is small between my sitting area to my headphone amp.
My Q is what if i buy 3.5 mm female to 3.5 mm male for each L+R and connect them to my headphones basically extending the wire, does this complicates thing like any electrical problem or any danger to either amp or headphones
Can we do this?

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You should be alright just extending the length of the L+R 3.5mm segments. There would be no real differences doing that vs having a custom cable made to the length that you want. It could be argued that you might be loosing some signal quality by passing through the additional connections, but honestly, any losses that exist will be unnoticed by your ears.

so ur saying theoretically there will be a difference in sound quality but in real world there wont be?

In my experience, yes.

Thanks for ur respond

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doing dual 3.5 extensions will probably increase the cable weight quite a bit (if it uses metal connectors) if you could do a 4.4 extension that would likely be better (I had a super short cable made for one of my headphones and if I use a extension with it the weight increase is very noticeable)