Balanced Cables Help

Hi Guides,

I have yet another basic question. I am planning to switch my current and future headphones to balanced cables where possible. My current adepts are T5p, sundara and klipsch hp3.

Q1: all those three have two 3,5 mm cables inputs. Does that mean I can have one balanced cable and us it on all of them? I plugged current cables through them and it works but I have no idea it works same way for balanced.

Q2: I noticed that in most custom cables mini xlr is used as interconnect, is there any specific reason for that? I was considering to used 4,4 mm instead. would that work in the same way?

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Yes actually, you can, although you want to make sure you get a cable with slim 3.5mm jacks so they fit into the beyer properly

So you might be thinking of stuff like hart audio cables where there is a mini xlr in the middle, that is a system used to swap out connector ends. Not all cables have this system developed, most just have the headphone connections and then the connector for the amp on the other side

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Yes I was thinking to pick 3,5 specific for beyer as I can select that on page and that should work fine on sundara and hp3

Exactly I had hart audio in mind. It is just too expensive to buy from us.
So I found one page in Germany and you can basically design also interconnects and was curious if there is any benefit to use mini xlr comparing to 4,4. I might use 4,4 as base and than 4,4 female to xlr and other to 2,5 balanced. That should work right?

That should work no problem if designed correctly. I think the main reason minixlr is used is because of its durability and locking connection

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Got it. Thanks a lot M0N :ok_hand: