Balanced cables

For those looking for a Periapt balanced cable alternative, there is a seller on eBay called Cablearchitect who sells Dyson audio cables that look like really nice quality for about $10 cheaper on average than periapt. Periapt is a good company and I like the cables I’ve gotten from them, but they are for a certain niche. They are long, heavy, thick, and made of a woven material that not everyone will like. Just wanted to point out an alternative. This seller sells shorter and thinner cables that look like exceptional quality for around $50 a piece. And there are a ton of options, he sells a lot. I don’t know this person personally, I just stumbled upon his page on eBay when I was looking for balanced cables that aren’t like periapt cables (wanted something shorter and less like a thick piece of rope) so this isn’t a plug or anything. Just though someone might want to know. I bought 3 cables for my headphones and they’ll get here in less than a week. I’ll probably update this post with the results of how quality they are when I see them.


In speaking of Periapt cables, the only problem I’ve had with mine is microphonics. Whatever combination of materials they use in the stiffer upper section of the cables transfers a lot of clothing rustling and fabric noise to my the Ether CX.

This doesn’t bother me so much when gaming or streaming or playing D&D, but I find myself distracted or consciously attempting not to stir when listening to music.

So I am in the market for an IEM cable with XLR to Hirose 4 pin connectors. I think I found one on AliExpress, but I still have to hear back from the vendor and wait for however long it takes to get it. If anyone has a reasonably priced source of IEM cables for the MrSpeakers to balanced XLR, then please let me know or post alternatives like Gravediggers.