Balanced dac better for speakers or headphones

if yall had to pick wich would be better to use the balanced xlr outpute of my dac for my speakers or headphone amp

what gear exactly are you using? If your amp has a balanced input I imagine its designed to be used that way, but it depends.

in this senario both amps are balanced, but im using the baringer a800 pro for the speakers and im looking arround at balanced headphone amps

Choose a balanced input headphone amp with balanced outputs and use it as preamp for the Behringer. All XLR all zee time and should give you more convenient control of your speaker amp.


Great idea.

i have considered this and id be down for some recomendations for that but im still intrested to see whic hwould be better(i reckon youd have more of a chance telling the difference on headphones over speakers)

I’d agree based alone on how much more maximum power can push from a headphone amp when used balanced.

Why not both? You can run balanced Y cables from your DAC to both devices.

Both if possible and it is, as always if that’s something that is wanted.
Speakers supreme headphones any day, so speakers in this case.
All 13 speakers i use are with balanced XLR connectors. Digital and analog signals.