Balanced Dac output to sub question

I want to connect 1 subwoofer to the XLR out of my smsl 8 Dac. Can i just connect the right out or do they need a y connector like the rca’s?
I had it connected via the rca’s before but i am swapping amps and was wondering. I guess i could also split off the rca outputs too…hmmm

You would just have to control the volume from the PC or su8, as you don’t want to run a line level signal to the sub

yes, agreed the amp has no volume control. but do i need to Y the xlr or can i just run 1 single side to 1 sub?

You would want the y cable to sum to mono

ah dammit, don’t have an xlr Y in the house. I will instead split RCA signal out then.
Thank you, i did not think i could feed it just one side. If only i. were not too lazy to haul the second sub over… LOL