Balanced IEM Cable

I am looking for a good cable for IEMs, connecting MMCX to a 2.5mm balanced.

On the desktop setup I usually use Periapt as I find their cables very well built and suit my needs, I am wondering if anything like this exists for IEMs, or what are your experiences with IEM cables: what to recommend or stay away from.

I do not care about making sure that it is made from the purest material, just that it functions well, avoids microphonics and does not break the bank.

I don’t think that anything sleeved in paracord is easily available for an iem (there probably is but I haven’t seen one), but I currently use an ibasso cb12 on my it03s, and it’s pretty great. There are definitely cheaper options through. Fiio cables are pretty nice. You can also check out something from penonaudio, since they have a wide variety of chifi cables. Most of my other iems use 2pin or I just use stock cables.

I would stay away from cables with memory wire near the mmcx connector, because most of the time they are just annoying or unhelpful. Also make sure the split looks durable.

Edit: I’ve also heard good things about ISN (chifi) cables, apparently very chunky bois

Try Tripowin C8, costs $30 on Linsoul and Ali express. If you want to spend little bit more there is a DM7 replacement cable as well for about $75.
I’ve been on a hunt for a good replacement cable in the past few days and those two stood out, they seem very good and they won’t break the bank.

Great, thanks for the suggestions @M0N and @progdvd. I’ll check them out.

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