Balanced noob looking for suggestions

So I recently got myself a SMSL SU-8 and then the SH-8. So now ive got some equiptment with balanced outputs I have a few queries.

Firstly, if I was to want 2 XLR outputs from the SU-8 would a simple “Y” XLR splitter work? and is there anything that i’d need to consider when choosing a cable to ensure that it is still balanced?

Secondly, I have a small selection of headphones that im interested in seeing if they would be worth running balanced.

  • List item Hifiman HE4xx

  • List item Audiotechnica ATH AD700x

  • List item Grado Labs SR80e

are any of these worth investing in a balanced cable / modding for balanced?

as usual thanks to the community for their help thanks HIFI guides for bringing all these amazing people togeather :slight_smile:

Yes a splitter would do the job just fine, or you could get a switcher depending on what you need

So I think it would be worthwhile to pick up a balanced cable for the 4xx for sure, it really appreciates power and balanced cables can be had for around 45 bucks

The 700x and sr80e though, in my opinion are not worth the effort to mod them for balanced. A detachable cable mod might be reasonable if you are into that kinda thing, but personally I don’t think going balanced with them would make that big of a difference

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Thanks M0N :wink:

So do you need to have the balanced outputs both going at the same time?

Don’t think so, ive got a pair of speakers ( JBL LSR305) and the SMSL SH-8. Can’t see myself needing both running at the same time

Would you also want a volume controller for the speakers too? As you could get a switch with a volume knob if you wanted

These are nice for a simple but high quality switch

Well ive been using the SU-8 's volume control for the speakers so sould be fine with that. Ive looked at the balanced switches and I guess thats an option although im already pretty limited on desk space to begin with XD. Other option is atm since I don’t have balanced cable for the heaphones yet I could just use RCA to the headphone amp and look at getting switch + cable at a later date.

You might as well get a y splitter then, as that would solve your issues

Should have no noticeable affect on sound quality