Balanced (or Unbalanced) DAP that can run Argon's properly?

I love my Argon’s. I’ve had them for several years now, and realized fairly early on, Argon’s love power. Unfortunately more power than any DAP i’ve researched can handle.

But I want portability in a single package. Does such a thing exist? Is there a balanced or even an unbalanced DAP in the world that can power Argon’s properly? I have both the Argon Mk3 and the Argon T60RP, I’ve tried running them on various portable devices without great success. Oh sure they will make sound, but it’s much different than the experience I get when hooked up to a nice amplifier.

And it seems to always come down to power. Every portable audio output i’ve tried has been simply too weak to drive Argon’s properly. Price is not much of a concern. I just want portability and a single player (not a portable dedicated amp - just a DAP) that can run them without choking.

Any suggestions?

Fiio M17 comes to mind. it´s a powerhouse for sure i guess

but… :money_mouth_face:

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Thanks for the suggestion! looking at z-reviews video on it now. It is a bit pricey. But if it will do the job, i may end up (eventually) picking one up. Would love to hear other suggestions too if anyone has any! =)

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How about a BT portable amp like the Gryphon?
Really though you’ll have trouble finding anything portable that will power the argons properly since they want a ton of current and most portables aren’t setup to deliver that due to internal battery constraints.
But if really look for something that is 1W or greater and they should get sufficiently loud.

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I was trying to avoid carting around a separate amplifier we well, because each extra device adds to the complexity and bulk. But I will take a look at the gryphon, thanks! =)

Generally people have a DAP and phone on them while traveling or at least I do when I used a DAP lol. What I’m getting at is BT from your phone to the amp and it’ll be the same bulk as a powerful DAP. Also the ridiculous amounts of connections with the Gryphon is pretty awesome in a pinch.

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Ifi diablo has just shy of 5w balanced @32ohm should power argons well.

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Here’s a resource to check power compatibility with certain headphones- Headphone Calculator - iFi audio (
If the headphone you’re looking for isn’t in the sub menu, there’s a box to request it and we’ll do our best to add the brand/model(s) as an option!