Balanced to 1/4” Headphone Cable Sources?

Hi there!

Have been searching for a female 4 pin XLR to male 1/4” cable in different lengths and having a hard time. Aside from a custom Hart (who is awesome, not ruling them out) I am having a hard time finding these, expectedly in different lengths, using Neutrik level parts Does anyone know a source?

Only over the counter one I’ve found is this “Sennheiser,” which is exactly what I want but was hoping for a longer cable. Sennheiser 4Pin Balanced XLR Female Connector to 6.35mm (1/4") Headphone Adapter | eBay

You are looking for a cable to run a balanced headphone from an unbalanced source, right?

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I have a couple of these
They are what they are, if I were trying to try and find something higher quality, I’d contact one of the aftermarket cable producers like Norne and see if they could provide something.

Exactly. Swapping cables when I change amps is getting tedious. I’d like to just keep balanced cables attached to all my headphones and use these adapters to connect to unbalanced sources.

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