Balanced to unbalanced for a loxjie p20

i’m currently using a loxjie p20 and have balanced inputs form a dac but no balanced outputs.
As its often said that balanced sounds much better i’d like to DIY a 4 pin Xlr to a normal 6,3mm jack for my dt 880s.
As the 4 pin is
1 L+ 2 L- 3 R+ 4L-
I can basically just connect 1 and 3 to the respective connectors on a stereo jack right?
Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome, :+1:

No, you have to solder the cable assignment to the 4-pin mating connector in the same way.
On the 6.3 mm jack, solder 1+ in the middle on the left and 3+ on the top on the right.
Connect both minus cables of the 4-pin connector together and solder them to the bottom.

Otherwise it won’t work and one speaker won’t work because both speakers always have plus and minus.

I soldered one myself at the weekend and it worked straight away.

I think you’d be better served converting your 880s to run a balanced signal. You can do this yourself or use a mod service:

DIY instructions (made by same guy that offers the service):

IIRC, trying to convert a balanced out to single ended (SE) (e.g. 4 pin XLR to 6.3mm) can destroy your amp and/or headphones.

Of note, biggest perceptible gain by going balance is more power. I’d never noticed a difference with channel separation, noise, etc. If you already have enough power to get the cans loud and are happy with dynamic range (you can get loud sound on underpowered amps, but still not drive the cans well… it’s weird and I’ll differ to someone with more experience) SE is fine.