Bamboo Audio rack

Have enough Shiit and being that I live in Spain where it is already plenty warm I figure putting some ventilation space twix these three (four if you count the computer) is not a bad idea.

Materials thus far:

Bamboo Cutting Boards - sourced from local MaxiChina ~ 3 euros each

100mm long, interior threaded (M10) black AL lamp necks - Aliexpress x 10

  • have just reordered 80mm as well to try

M10 lamp neck connectors
M10 washers

Base feet with M10 -> the threads on these are way larger than the lamp neck threads so will have to either rethread or force.

…build upcoming


So I quit complicating my life…threaded rod and nuts with a top cap…the bamboo are sushi plates with a 1cm lip which just hides the nuts which support the boards…


Oh Damn I like this!! Might be a home depot trip coming up LOL!!! Thanks for the pic and nice job!

worth it…just got everything stacked…


Look very Good :+1::grin:

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Nice… gives me ideas for sure… BF2 on the bottom, A3 middle and LP next then finally desk lamp top… Yes going to look into doing this… Thanks.

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That is beautiful! Nice work. :+1:

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That looks really good :slight_smile: Been thinking about a DIY like this myself. Bamboo is a great idea.

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Thats beautiful for sure. you can spray paint it or wrap it too.

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Nice work!

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The bottom shelf I used 14mm diameter gray tubing to cover the 10mm rod…I think if I got some black , or painted what I have black it would look even better. I also will put some felt on the bottom as currently the base is 4x M10 nuts

So…if I get the Mjolnir…it’s 40cm x 20cm…this rack is currently 32 x 23 outside edge with space for components that are 29 x 23…further more 40 would sit off the edge of the drawers this sits on…but fuck I want to try the Mjolnir.

Got a balanced cable for the Audezes and the Campfires arrived

Also one of the black knobs I ordered arrived and it’s perfect for Oreo!


Well…gonna have to rethink this now/ Rebuild to fit the Mjolnir and Gungnir…Found the bamboo board on Amazon…little more expensive…may have to check Maxi China again

And now have a designated piece of furniture…so that escalated quickly…